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Your Daily Dose of Revitalizing Sunlight...

From maintaining proper levels of vital nutrients to stimulating our production of hormones, the natural spectrum found in sunlight plays an important role in our essential biological processes. Unfortunately, most people today don't get enough of it.

Sunlight is made up of balanced energy from across the entire light spectrum. Artificial light from conventional light bulbs and fluorescent tubes contains only a narrow part of that spectrum.

In recent years, a significant body of research has linked conventional artificial lighting to many problems and disorders ranging from depression and increased stress levels, to headaches, eyestrain, afternoon tiredness, sleep disturbances, and difficulty with concentrating and learning.

1. Indoor lighting can make you tired.

2. The right light increases productivity in the workplace.

3. The American Medical Association recognizes a distinct form of depression caused by lack of natural light.

4. Duplicate Outdoor Light's Naturally Balanced Spectrum

5. The wrong light may Interfere with learning ability

6. Full Spectrum Lighting - Positive Effects on Children.

7. The Right Light Helps Learning Disabled Children.

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Plants, Animals, and the Human Body All Require Nature's Balanced Light Spectrum

The scientific study of how light affects living things started in the early 1960's when Dr. John Ott , Pioneeer of Full Spectrum Lighting, then a time-lapse photographer, was hired by Walt Disney to film plants growing and blooming. Ott discovered that a plant's growth and development is affected by the color of the light it is exposed to. Significantly, Ott discovered that the color distortions found in ordinary indoor lighting could drastically alter a plant's normal growth and reproductive cycles.  If indoor lighting could do this to plants, Ott wondered, what was it doing to animals and humans?

In recent years, the new science of photobiology has been finding important answers:

And some fantastic results:

1. Indoor lighting can make you tired.

In 1980, Dr. Alfred Lewy , M.D., Ph.D, Professor of Bilogical Psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University, published a study at the National Institute of Mental Health that showed how different types of light act on human bio-rhythms . When darkness falls, the brain produces a hormone that makes us sleepy. The study found that conventional indoor lighting - which lacks the full natural spectrum - "is interpreted by the brain's pineal gland as darkness." -  This explains why many people feel depleted after being indoors all day.

2. The right light increases productivity in the workplace.

Companies that use natural spectrum fluorescent lights have reported reductions in absenteeism, accidents, and error rates and increases in productivity. In Light - Medicine of the Future , Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D. writes that natural spectrum lighting in the workplace "creates significantly lower stress on the nervous system than standard cool white fluorescent lighting and reduces the number of absences due to illness."

3. The American Medical Association recognizes a distinct form of depression caused by lack of natural light.

The high rate of depression people experience in winter has been linked in recent years to inadequate light stimulation. In 1984, the American Medical Association officially recognized a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder , or SAD. In late autumn and winter when people are exposed to less outdoor light, SAD sufferers become depressed, tend to oversleep, and crave carbohydrates. A commonly prescribed treatment for SAD is exposure to high levels of natural spectrum lighting.

4. Duplicate Outdoor Light's Naturally Balanced Spectrum

Studies show that this kind of lighting facilitates greater visual ease, increased energy, higher performance levels, and enhanced feelings of well-being. By simply putting JTV Energy Lights' into the lamps and fixtures you already have, you can bring a close approximation of outdoor light into your home and work environments.

  Click here to review technical specifications and comparisons, (PDF format).

5. The wrong light may Interfere with learning ability

In Health & Healing, Julian Whitaker, M.D . writes, "prolonged exposure to conventional light may make children hyperactive and interfere with their ability to learn." In a study conducted by Dr. Ott at a Sarasota, Florida, elementary school, students exposed to natural spectrum lighting were less hyperactive than those in the control group. A 5-year Canadian study conducted by Dr. Harry Wohlfarth also indicated a link between lighting sources and levels of stress, absenteeism and overall achievement in the classroom.

Cited by science writer Susan Seliger , in her article
"The Right Light," Home Office

6. Full Spectrum Lighting - Positive Effects on Children. (April, 2007)

Betty Garnett, a third grade teacher at Colt Elementary, Marble Falls, TX did a research study comparing the JTV Energy Lights with regular cool while fluorescent tubes.

Initially students were under the cool white fluorescent lights.  Afterwards, the lights were changed to full spectrum tubes and were evaluated after the children had been under them for one month.

Mrs. Garnett concluded:
"When you look at the student data it becomes apparent that there is a big difference in their attitudes, their concentration ability, and the number of headaches before and computer students

after the new lights.  In my opinion, it is worth it to purchase full spectrum lighting for all students to enjoy the benefits."

 To read the evaulations and student comments, click here .

7. The Right Light Helps Learning Disabled Children.

The Summit Charter School in Maitland Florida did a research study comparing the JTV Energy Lights with regular cool while fluorescent tubes in the classroom. This is the report from Alan W. Smolowe, Ed.D., Ph.D. President:

"Both classrooms reported significantly better behavior patterns under the JTV Energy Lights, particularly with students with ADHD . These students also were the ones identified with the most frequent behavior issues.

Much to our surprise, many of these students calmed down with the result that the entire class did not have to be redirected as frequently. There were less headaches and eyestrain reported for the entire class. Productivity went up. This one small adjustment seemed to dramatically impact the behaviors of the students in both classes.

...Here's the biggest surprise. My teachers with the full-spectrum bulbs would not allow us to switch their rooms back to traditional fluorescent lighting. I quote one teacher: "If you intend to remove these from my room you will have to FIGHT me for them. I've even looked into changing my locks if necessary!

"Jerry, the full-spectrum lighting made a huge difference with our students and the teachers. We plan to change all of our lighting at Summit to full-spectrum lighting this year. Thanks for your help. Please share this letter with other schools."

To read Dr. Smolowe's entire letter click here .

"We installed your full spectrum tubes in our offices about three weeks ago. What a difference they make! The offices are much brighter and my eyes no longer feel tired at the end of the day. The hallways that didn't get them look gloomy in comparison. These lights are more important as the shorter days and the winter 'blahs' are coming. Thanks again."
-Andy Ross, President, RTec Treecare, Falls Church, VA


"Ordinarily only an hour after entering the office my eyes would be tired - but now, I am now able to work all day and almost never leave with tired eyes.

Before your lights, headaches were an every day occurrence in our office. It seemed as though every day my co-worker, my boss or I would complain of moderate to severe headaches. Headaches are now seldom mentioned and my boss is now able to go without his reading glasses more often. I work a ten hour day but go home far more rested now than in the past.Since the change dramatically coincided with the appearance of your lights, I attribute this revitalization to your lights."

- Eda E. Fairfield , Marketing coordinator, RealWorks Realty, Tampa, FL


"We noticed an immediate change in the staffs energy level and attitude. We have in fact had comments from people who visit our office. They know that something is different and that the atmosphere of the office has changed. They are often surprised when they hear it was simply a change of the light bulbs that is having such an impact."
- Linda C. Walker, Walker Publications, Fort  Worth, TX


"I installed the lights in my office and in our conference rooms unannounced to see if there would be any reaction. We got regular positive comments but few people realized the improvement was just the lighting. I am sold on the positive effects of the full spectrum lighting and we installed it throughout our new building."
- John M. Segal, North American Products, Jasper, IN


"I was skeptical about these lights but the president of the company told me to try them .... Now our employees feel that this light has eliminated much of the glare coming from their computer terminals which in turn has eliminated or greatly reduced the eye fatigue and headaches normally attributed to this glare. In general, our employees are more comfortable in their work environment which results in happier, more productive employees."
- Gene Fahrney, Manufacturing Superintendent, Baker Manufacturing Co., Evansville, WI


"My company purchased and installed the lighting throughout our offices. The effect was instantaneous! Our people commented on how nice the lighting was -- softer, brighter and less draining than the previous fluorescent tubes."
- Jan Turnbill, Bottomline, Adelaide, Australia


"A sincere thanks for introducing me to the lighting. There's definitely a difference in our ability to read, more relaxation and later in the day it seems we are not as tired. There is almost something that is mystical about these lights." 
- Herbert L. Wilson, Wilson Marketing Enterprises, Inc., New York, NY

Vivid, Glare-Free Illumination Lets You See More Comfortably and Accurately

The natural spectrum of JTV Energy Lights  also improves your ability to see. Reading, computer work, and close work become easier and your eyes feel refreshed and stay relaxed longer. A study done at Cornell University found that students who studied under natural spectrum light experienced less perceptual fatigue and better visual acuity than students who studied under ordinary light.

Our customers report that JTV Energy Lights are also of particular value when it is important to see colors accurately. They are a special boon to design studios, photography studios, printing plants, art galleries, furniture stores, paint stores, clothing and jewelry shops, dental labs, medical facilities, and museums. And because they let you see colors the way nature intended, they make indoor environments appear brighter and more cheerful. In fact, a number of users have remarked, "it's like having a skylight."

                              Sandra Lee, Full Spectrum Lighting Expert

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